People come to Nadrasca’s community options for many reasons and have been doing so for many years. Through predominately small group based activities, community options provide the opportunity for participants in varied recreational & sporting activities, employment, volunteering opportunities, learning & life experiences.

We encourage the participants who want to engage Nadrasca as a service provider to get involved in their community by actively participating in activities across a variety of locations. This fosters a sense of belonging within a participants local community, thus providing opportunities to become socially connected and establishing meaningful friendships. This also enables participants to develop skills to live as independently as possible with appropriate support. Additionally, Nadrasca creates a sense of ownership over the days planning for the participants to foster opportunities of empowerment and bolster feelings of self-worth.

To reach success we often have to make changes and to transition successfully into the NDIS world our long standing community options service model is evolving, moving steadily alongside the structure of the NDIS pathways. This is the best way to embrace the true meaning of the NDIS model and this coincides with Nadrasca culture of providing people with 
control and choice over ordinary lives. That way, the participants get to experience the best possible outcome from their NDIS Plans and for Nadrasca community to remain just as viable and outstanding in the community as we always have been whilst becoming more competitive than ever possible.

One thing that will never change is our core values. These values; Trustworthy, Caring, Supportive and Respectful, in conjunction with our strong enriching history of supporting people in the community is demonstrated by staff working alongside the participants and because we take the time to get to know each participant, the activities are tailored and delivered specifically to achieve individual maximum success.