Specialised Disability Accommodation

The aim of Specialised Disability accommodation is to enrich the quality of life of people who live in them. On a daily basis, the role of all disability support staff is to provide skilled support to use every available daily opportunity to actively promote people:

  • Participation in household and community activities
  • Relationship building with other people
  • Choice in all aspects of decision-making that affects them
  • Dignity and respect in all aspects of their lives
  • Skills that are used and developed to create achievement.

This is advertised through the Vacancy Management Hub
SIL and SDA definition.

Nadrasca support includes assistance with:

  • Home living activities such as housekeeping, shopping, cooking, household budgeting
  • Using community resources (for example banks, shops public transport, recreational activities and attending medical appointments)
  • Using aids and equipment for mobility and /or independence
  • Decision Making, problem solving, conflict resolution
  • Managing emotions personal responses.
  • Building and Maintaining community connections and personal relationships
  • Using services in the community to enable people to live an ordinary life