Nadrasca Industry

The way we all live, learn and do business has changed over recent months, and Nadrasca has chosen to see this as an opportunity, rather than as an obstacle.

Some businesses have struggled to adapt to a new way of doing things; not so for Nadrasca. Our wealth of experience in supporting people has meant that we are better prepared to be a clean, safe, responsible and reliable provider for many of your business needs.

We are still the only social printer in the Eastern suburbs of Melbourne, and when you are ready to resume business we are ready to help you. With solutions to not only your printing, but also your packing, packaging, printing, and reworking needs, Nadrasca can help you get your business going again.

The systems that we have and continue to put in to place, and our ability to adapt to a rapidly changing situation mark Nadrasca out as not only the ethical choice, but also the safe choice for your business.

Packing and Assembly

Product Inspection

Fulfillment and Assembly

Wrapping and Sealing

Packing, Packaging and Assembly

Nadrasca provides individual packaging services, tailored to the needs of your organisation. You can rely on a high quality, efficient service which delivers something to meet your needs, and is able to work on a small job to work in the thousands.

Nadrasca can pack your products for you by using your provided packaging or if you want, we can also help you to source the most appropriate packaging materials as per your requirements.

Product Inspection:

The most crucial part of getting a product manufactured is its after-production inspection so that your end-customers don’t get a bad product that can damage your reputation as a
business. Therefore, we provide:
● Meticulous inspection and rework
● Testing of electrical items
● Administration and checking of a product recall
● Fixing manufacturing errors, if any.

Fulfillment & Assembly:

We will take care of all of your fulfillment and assembly needs so you can sit back and relax. We can do manual assembly of things like conference compendiums, show bags, hampers, gifts, bags and boxes. Furthermore, we can assemble products, promotional retail packs, kits and clam-shells. We also carry out proper electronic weighting and totaling of products to ensure there is nothing missing. Have a look at some more things we do:

● Fill and weight
● Seal Products
● Sorting &amp
● Filling
● Fabrication
● Assembly projects
● Point of sale
● Display assembly
● Shelf ready trays
● Stapling
● Hole punching
● Labeling – products, bottles, containers, tamper seals
● Header cards and bagging (can print and produce header cards)
● Barcode printing
● Promotional and season marketing campaigns
● Kitting


Different kinds of products need different wrappings and sealing materials and techniques for
maximum safety. Our product wrapping team will make sure your product is fully secured and sealed
for warehousing and transport. Here are the different wrappings we use:
● Tamper-proof sleeving, bags and/or shrink-wrap film
● Batch coding
● Product bundling and Shrinkwrapping
● Bundle wrapping
● Flow wrapping
● Magazine bagging