Established on 25 July 1967, Nadrasca's purpose is to establish and develop a range of services for people with disability.

Nadrasca is an organisation which can truly be described by its values. They inform all decisions taken in the business, and are part of daily routines. As an organisation, the values are used as a measure for business growth.

The Nadrasca Values are:

  • Caring
    We genuinely care about the people who we support, both individually and as a community.
  • Supportive
    We strive to provide every opportunity to live their best life. This means that we provide opportunities for participants to develop skills in areas that they want to develop; to achieve goals that the participant sets as being important to them.
  • Trustworthy 
    Nadrasca understands that this is not negotiable. We work in supporting participants who might otherwise be vulnerable, and so we realise that if we say that we will do something, we will do it. We will act in a way that is quite literally worthy of your trust.
  • Respectful
    We support participants, not disabilities. Every one of our participants has their own goals and aspirations, and their own identity. Our role is simply to support participants to develop these.