Young people come to My Life, My Future (MLMF) to further develop their work, life and social skills to achieve their highest potential. MLMF focuses on each individual’s goals, wants, needs, dreams and aspirations and support them to work towards developing a vision for the future that they want. Our school leavers choose from a range of opportunities that best suit them, including: 


Enhancing independent living skills

These skills are very important to learn for independence in day-to-day life. MLMF gives participants the opportunity to work on these skills and enhance their independence.

The more practice we have, the more skilled we become.

  • Doing your own shopping
  • Cooking a meal
  • Using Public Transport and learning the local routes
  • Household responsibilities – Eg. Vacuuming, washing the dishes.
  • Gardening and maintenance

Gaining work experience at Nadrasca Industry

Nadrasca Industry offers a range of employability skills for participants to work on. These skills are transferable to many different open employment jobs. Some jobs that are offered at Nadrasca industry include:

  • Production line work such as packaging, labelling and using weight scales.
  • Quality checking
  • Filling up stock
  • Printing work

Nadrasca's aim is for participants to come and learn the work skills that could further lead them to open employment in the future.


Finding valued roles within the local community

MLMF are always finding ways to connect with the community. It is important for everyone to be a contributing member of society. It upholds value, respect and responsibility in one’s life.

  • Newspaper deliveries
  • Dog walking
  • Volunteering
  • Making connections with businesses

Socialise and develop friendships with people of a similar age

MLMF is a service model for young people. Everyone is given the opportunity to build friendships with their co-workers. Time is set in the mornings and afternoons for participants to socialise with others as this is an important skill to have in the future. We promote participation and inclusion, for participants to speak up for themselves and to be a valued member of the team.

Access further training and education

MLMF is a transitional support model that offers intense training and capacity building to prepare participants for adult life. Some of this training includes:

  • Nadrasca is partnered with Box Hill Institute (RTO Code 4687) to provide accredited training across each of our services. Our trainers have experience in supporting participants and deliver the training in a way that suits everyone’s learning styles. The course’s flexibility gives each participant the opportunity to choose whether to do the studies Part-time (one day a week over two years) or Full-time (two days a week over one year).
  • Certificate I Transitional Education. This certificate focuses on life skills. Some of the units covered include using public transport, how to get your Learner’s Permit, personal health, technology, social media and money skills. This Certificate is recommended to be completed before beginning other accredited courses.
  • Certificate I Work Education. This course is all about work life. You will learn about various industries, occupational health and safety, workplace etiquette.
  • Certificate I in Literacy and Numeracy. This course focuses on developing skills in literacy and numeracy based in everyday interests and life.
  • Non-accredited training in Cooking, Budgeting money and Computer skills.
  • SLES – School Leavers Employment Support. This is a two year intense training service model that gives school-leavers the opportunity to work on their ‘employability’ skills that may lead to open employment in the future.

Designing your own weekly plan

MLMF will create a weekly plan with participants based on their goals and aspirations are. We will work with each participant to pursue their goals.