Nadrasca Industry

The way we all live, learn and do business has changed over recent months, and Nadrasca has chosen to see this as an opportunity, rather than as an obstacle.

Some businesses have struggled to adapt to a new way of doing things; not so for Nadrasca. Our wealth of experience in supporting people has meant that we are better prepared to be a clean, safe, responsible and reliable provider for many of your business needs.

We are still the only social printer in the Eastern suburbs of Melbourne, and when you are ready to resume business we are ready to help you. With solutions to not only your printing, but also your packing, packaging, printing, and reworking needs, Nadrasca can help you get your business going again.

The systems that we have and continue to put in to place, and our ability to adapt to a rapidly changing situation mark Nadrasca out as not only the ethical choice, but also the safe choice for your business.

 Social Procurement with Nadrasca

Nadrasca is an accredited Social Trader, employing over 130 people living with a disability. We undertake private and government contracts in the areas of commercial printing, warehousing and logistics, packing and packaging, quality testing, and reworking.

These contracts have a direct impact on the lives of our employees. Our workers are engaged in roles where they are provided with the support they need to have meaningful jobs. We also provide them with training and additional services to support employees to learn new skills, and to work towards achieving their individual goals.

Choosing to use Nadrasca Industry for your business contracts gives individuals greater financial and social independence.

 Nadrasca can provide reports to you in a format that you need, providing you with data on the benefits of your job to our workers and the hours of supported employment that your contract has created.

What Can A Social Enterprise Achieve?

Social enterprise leverages commercial strategies for maximizing positive social impact. Nadrasca primarily focuses on the well-being of people with disabilities to support the most deserving part of our society.

Social enterprises like Nadrasca are businesses that aim to solve social problems on a global level by providing training and employment to people to strengthen communities. The gist is; social enterprises strive to achieve excellent social outcomes.

What is Social Procurement & its Role?

Social procurement is when organisations and government use their purchasing power to create social value that is above and beyond the actual value of the services or goods being procured. This practice affects society in an extremely positive way. 

The key advantage of social procurement from a business point of view is that you, the customer of these services will be adding massive value by creating opportunities for people who wouldn’t have found work otherwise.

The best part is that you will be getting the same great services that you would with a regular commercial supplier, but with the added bonus of contributing to this great social cause.