The Farm is a unique program, providing a rural environment for participants to develop valuable skills and build social connections. The program utilises the extensive 3.5ha piece of land in Vermont including greenhouses, herb and vegetable gardens, equipment and woodworking sheds, a sanctuary garden and even a few sheep. 

With so many different parts to the land there is always lots to be done. Participants are given the opportunity to create food from plant propagation in the greenhouses, through to growing and harvesting, and then using the produce they have grown themselves in meal planning, shopping, preparing, cooking, and sharing a meal and cleaning up.

If they choose to, participants can participate in contract gardening for the various Nadrasca sites, and for external clients. They can learn about equipment maintenance and repair, for both motorised and non-motorised equipment, and recycling items for use in the garden. The environment provides the opportunity for participants to increase their knowledge in horticultural interests.

In the woodworking program, participants have the opportunity to use non-powered tools to create chopping boards and coasters and to revitalise old furniture.

The Farm provides a genuine community environment, where participants can work on social and 
community connections, and where Nadrasca can provide an easy going environment. The Farm also includes a Sanctuary Garden, which is a calm space where participants can have some time to unwind if that's what they feel like doing.