Nadrasca Industry

The way we all live, learn and do business has changed over recent months, and Nadrasca has chosen to see this as an opportunity, rather than as an obstacle.

Some businesses have struggled to adapt to a new way of doing things; not so for Nadrasca. Our wealth of experience in supporting people has meant that we are better prepared to be a clean, safe, responsible and reliable provider for many of your business needs.

We are still the only social printer in the Eastern suburbs of Melbourne, and when you are ready to resume business we are ready to help you. With solutions to not only your printing, but also your packing, packaging, printing, and reworking needs, Nadrasca can help you get your business going again.

The systems that we have and continue to put in to place, and our ability to adapt to a rapidly changing situation mark Nadrasca out as not only the ethical choice, but also the safe choice for your business.

Nadrasca Industry delivers effective business solutions while providing job opportunities to people living with a disability. Nadrasca is one of the few  fully certified social enterprises that has proved itself again and again for the unmatched level of service and ability to provide real solutions for its customers. Consider these key advantages of working with us:

  • We offer a wide range of services, tailored to the needs of your organisation. 
  • We offer commercial printing, warehousing and logistics and a wide range of packing and packaging to get your products ready for the shelf.
  • The flexibility of our organisation means that we can work with you to find the best solution for your specific requirements.
  • We are an accredited social enterprise, we can help you meet your social responsibility components of the government contracts. 
  • We are the only Social Enterprise Printer in the Eastern Suburbs of Melbourne.
  • Your normal business expenses will also be an investment in the community. 
  • Our business supports over 130 disadvantaged individuals in the community. 
  • Our employees are supported to gain certain skills, qualifications and real-life work experience that will directly benefit your company.

The skills and confidence that we give our employees with disabilities can open future doors for them to mainstream employment opportunities and by working with us, you will be contributing to this cause.

  • In recognition of our efforts for the betterment of society and the top-class services we provide to our customers, we were awarded the Whitehorse Business Group Excellence Award in 2011, a Deakin Community Award in 2017 and were named as a finalist in the Whitehorse Excellence in Business awards in 2019.

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